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Suzhou visuel We're better off.jpg

We're better off

Group Exhibition

Qu Art China

6th Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale

Suzhou, China


15.04.2023 - 25.06.2023

Philippe Leblanc Expo Paris Architrecte Artiste

Architecte • Artiste #2

Group Exhibition

Abstract Project Gallery


05.10.2022 - 15.10.2022

Aaltoi Penta+_edited_edited.jpg

Exposition collective

Aalto University Gallery, Helsinki, Finlande


01.08.2022 - 06.08.2022


Hues & Math

Solo exhibition

New Town House Etterbeek

Brussels, Belgium


15.11.2021 - 10.12.2021.


Order of Operations
Mathematics through Art

Group Exhibition

BozarLab & Ohme



04.06.2021 - 11.07.2021.

Philippe Leblanc Math Art

Bridges 2020

Group Exhibition

Aalto University Gallery, Helsinki, Finland


05.07.2020 - 04.08.2020


Ad Art Show NYC

Juried group exhibtion on 140 digital screens all around Manhattan and on giants screens at the Oculus World Trade Center.

New York


01.05.2019 - 31.05.2019

LPH Expo Ysebaert 05 copie.jpg

Around Yacoov Agam

Group exhibition, among Agam's artworks,  

Gallery Ysebaert

Sint Martens Latem

08.12.2018 - 28.02.2019

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